Del Paso Solar

In 1998 the Jiménez del Paso brothers decided to start with the manual manufacture of sanitary hot water equipment and then install them in single-family homes. Solar energy was still a paradigm yet to be discovered and all those who ventured into this new world made it full of doubts and insecurities, with hardly any references to form a reliable and future based company. The Del Paso brothers had to stop manufacturing thermal equipment manually, since the costs were very high. A lot of time was lost inside the factory to make two or three teams a day. One of the family members, this time the older brother and professor of physics at the University of Malaga, Daniel Jiménez del Paso, helped the company develop product patents. It was how the factory was born again, with the difference that it is no longer manufactured manually, but with a series of technological advances and robots that speed up the work and increase production considerably. It is a competitive factory, very well positioned among the leading solar energy companies and has one of the most modern facilities in Europe. But none of this would be possible if you do not have quality certificates, which makes Del Paso Solar a reliable, modern and quality company.

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